Hey, what's up? I'm Xin Zong, the chief editor, copywriter, translator, graphical designer, and publisher of The Engager. It is for all Trekkers in Greater China, as the collaboration of certain Chinese Trekkers. Herein I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for his or her hard work.

Back in 2002, when I began to work on this periodical, Star Trek was not widespread in Mainland China, so were the broadband and web storage. I postponed the publication in 2005 due to my MA study in Hong Kong. In 2007, when I reloaded my personal website, I decided to finish the rest once and for all.

During this time, some issues were published and then got merged; some issues were preview. The graphical design would have been better if I were specialized, and had seen the world. Nevertheless, I have tried my best and I'm content with the result. I will not quest after perfection in this matter any longer, which is to say, I will not design from scratch. This part of my life has left.

As it can be seen, on the Index page are of the Final Edition. Each of the first five issues has the following sections: Cover, Introduction, Copyright, Special Thanks, Series Summary, Series Cast, The Starship, Season One to Seven, Backcover. The last three are special issues.

Many things happened to me in last few years. Although I have given up a lot to finish this periodical, I keep a modest mind. May the arrogant people be forgiven; may the modest ones be blessed.